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We will cover up to the cost of $500 for merchandise if it is proven that staff have mishandled these goods. This is at no extra cost. A walk through inspection will be done on all goods that are being transported by our company.

WE DO NOT PACK your items to keep insurance and cost down. So it is up to the customer to pack there own items in boxes in a safe manner to prevent breakages. We do not take responsibility for breakages in your packed items.

Therefore it is recommended that if you want a more extensive cover you take out your own insurance. You can contact and obtain a quote.

We are covered by Public Liability

  • We do not cover furniture or goods that are in a state of falling apart or damaged on our inspection
  • If you wish to proceed during wet weather than we take no responsibility for wet damaged items eg rain
  • We do not cover electrical appliances that are not working on delivery unless proven to be mishandled by us.
  • We do not transport dangerous goods eg. petrol & any flammable liquids. Petrol must be removed from all mowers and whipper snippers before transported.
  • It is also up to yourself to let us know of any unsafe areas on the property where the furniture or items are coming from and too. For example loose or cracked pathways, leads in the way of walkways, and low hanging branches of trees or vines. These are unsafe.
  • All care will be taken with your furniture, but we do not cover any damage for goods which have to be taken over balconies or through windows. If this is the only access then items will not be covered or any damages to windows or balconies, this is at your own risk. 
  • We do not cover for outdoor furniture , glass top tables and outdoor pots or statues as they become brittle from the weather and sun. Care will be taken with these items but we will not take responsibility for damage.