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Removal  Tips

  • Pre-arrange with your driver to find a safe and easily accessible location for pickup or drop off of the load. Eg. Congested or small roadways, no on street parking or tow zones. In the end it will save both parties time and money!
  • Have plenty of moving supplies (boxes of different sizes/type/shape, packing tape , packing paper and a marker/color system that will clearly mark boxes number/location/area to enable the person to place the item correctly) sometimes having a little more than expected will help you out.
  • Having a list of contents will enable you to know exactly what is in each box to place in the correct area. So having a color coding or number system is a great idea to know exactly where the item needs to be placed by our team.
  • Marking boxes as FRAGILE will indicate to take extra care with this item. 
  • Don’t overload your boxes:                                                                                -   large items on the bottom and lighter on top                                           -   fragile items and books are better in small solid boxes
  • Safeguard your valuables and important documents (eg birth certificates, family heirlooms or other unreplaceable items.) A reputable removalist will suggest this prior to your big move. 
  • Take some cleaning items and handyman tools to the move location prior to the main move so that you are not searching the items when the main load arrives, you will have it there to use and assist in an easier move
  • Remember to cancel or transfer the following:                                                 -   Electricity                                                                                                 -   Gas                                                                                                           -   Water                                                                                                       -   Telephone
  • Remember to have mail forwarded to your new address with the Post Office so you have time to change it with different companies eg. Banks or important contacts.
  • Make sure you have all keys to the property back and ready to hand in
  • If you have sold your property then it’s a nice gesture to have a welcome pack to the new owners

Eg. Warranty’s or manuals for different appliances etc available